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Ciera Danielle​

Ciera Danielle is an award winning actress, screenwriter and filmmaker. Beginning with strong roots in the theater, she has now travelled all over the world working in film. Her screenwriting and directorial debut in the feature film "Daisy’s", earned her Best Screenplay and Best Actress awards as well as film distribution. From then on she began to blossom into the storyteller she is now. Some of her recent and notable film work include the Cannes screened feature film "The Last Train", a film for suicide prevention which she produced and starred in opposite Lou Diamond Philips and which is due to be released nationwide on DVD in Fall 2020. While continuing to write and produce, she also just sold, acted a lead in and wrapped on the feature film His Wake, due out 2021. She has written dozens of screenplays, acted in dozens of projects and has been given the privilege of helping dozens of artists bring their projects to life, in one capacity or another. Her desire to create content which is profound and truly inspiring is infused in all she does.

Jeffrey Joslin

Jeffrey Joslin is a bit of a renaissance man. As an East Tennessee native, his foray into music began at a young age and have taken him all over the world. Splitting his time between Nashville, Atlanta and Los Angeles over the last 20 years, he has become an internationally recognized artist, singer, songwriter, producer and composer.


After his father began a career in modeling, film and TV, Jeffrey naturally followed suit and has added this aspect of the entertainment industry to his resume as well, acting in national commercials and modeling in national campaigns. After marrying Ciera Danielle he began working on film sets, learning his way around camera, sound and lighting rigs and using his audio engineering skills for post-production. 


He is also an accomplished graphic and web designer, with his finger on the pulse of modern social media, branding and marketing strategies. 

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